January awakening

I really love to wake up when everything is white outside of the window.


Greeting for the ship helmsman

My grandfather worked for a Steamship company, like his father. Here is the origin of my love for 
the sea and ships. The first photo is my grandmother's bed linen. Next photos are old photographs 
of my grandfather and in the last photo is my mom.


Dots in the caramel

Dots with a story from mi.ui. There are never enough.

Outside and inside


Colourful balls

When I was 15 I liked only the black colour. After 16 years I love many colours.  
Everything changes.


Sunday evening

I like sunday's silence. Sunday for me is the end of something old and the beginning 
of new. Today Jacobo left to Berlin for a few day. So we will see if Berlin is our future.

This tree is my everyday look out the window.

Sunday morning